Ayumi Matsuki Part 1

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  • 1:22
  • 4 years ago

We meet Ayumi Matsuki for the first time wearing only some beautifully embroidered under garments. She is introduced to a new toy she has not seen before and explained how they are used. She giggles and turns her head covering her mouth. Then our cameraman demonstrates for her on her nipples and we see them getting firm with excitement. He then moves south and demonstrates on her cameltoe. Ayumi isn't sure what to think at this point of this new toy but I'm getting the idea that either this little toy isn't going to do the trick or our cameraman just hasn't found the magic spot. Since he's having no luck with the little guy, he brings out the big guns, a larger vibrating pink dildo and gives this a try. Considering himself a master with the toys on the ladies, he isn't giving up. He finally figures out what it's going to take to get Ayumi stimulated and the show begins. This is a mature lady and she knows what she likes from her man and how to get the job done as she takes the dildo from him and shows us. Get Your Membership & Instant Access Here!

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