Ayumi Matsuki Part 2

In her school dress and ready to cram the "hard way," Ayumi Matsuki #2 is all about her education; good thing for us she's a "tactual learner." For Sexjapantv.com, this cuties has a body that begs for more. Being a self-starter, she has no problem leading in vaginal exploration; her white panties are first soaked then pulled aside to let us have a close look at her "fun-damentals." Once Ayumi is on all fours, ass in the air, her lips swell up nicely for an even moister viewing. As she begins to work on her partner, we can only assume she has not had any lunch today, and that she is a carnivore. Licking slow and low, this girl is all about the "beans and frank," no need for a bun; she swallows whole and then hops on to add a bit of "condiment" to her meal. As her wet pussy bounces up and down, Ayumi moans and whimpers. Her schooling has also taught her how to cowgirl while leaving an "impression" all over her partner's shaft. Once her ass is up in the air again, this time her learning "deepens." With her boobs jiggling and her vagina filled, she arches her back and takes it all in. Grabbing her partner's cock as it ebbs and flows, it's about time for this session to end. He pulls out, but doesn't make it to her breast; her slender thigh is a great place to "leave his mark." Get Your Membership & Instant Access Here!

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