Emiko Catches A Buzz

Emiko is a cute school girl who loves her technology, as she uses her cam to show herself to us today. This Sexjapantv.com sweetie is up on all the latest gadgets, but when it comes to cumming, Emiko starts off the old-fashioned way, a hand job. Using her fingers, she first tweaks her nipples before presenting those firm tits to us; leaning in, we get a nice close-up of them. Settling on the floor, Emiko works "her magic" first through her panties before sliding her hand in. Softly she moans, this Asian blossom gasps as she arouses many sensations in her own body, and ours. To heighten the pleasure, Emiko employs a toy; rubbing the vibrator on her nipples, they stand fully erect. Going down to her vagina, she rubs her lips with the "friend," her white panties become moist in response. Removing her underwear, we see that she is unique to most Asian women as she is fully shaved; her lips totally exposed and swelling as she "catches a buzz." Emiko becomes louder in her moans and gasps; she pokes at her clit and it doesn't take long before she is wet, yet again. Finishing off the job manually, she rubs her clit in a circle to summon every it doesn't take long before she is wet, yet again. Summoning every last drop of "nectar from her flower," Emiko twitches at the slightest touch, her toes curl and she manages one more orgasm before she says "goodbye," for now.

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