Lesbians At Play

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  • 2:19
  • 4 years ago

Girlfriends Miki and Suki like to tape themselves having fun. These two cuties shower up before they pleasure one another for Sexjapantv.com. Miki wants Suki to pee where she can watch; the sink is as good a place as any. Next, Miki props herself up and lets it go; not filling up the sink, but a fun sight none the less. Chatting about some of their "good times," Miki sits up and decides to start things off. The instigator of the pair, she strips them both, and teases her lover. Sucking and playing with Suki's hard nipples, Miki also adds some vibrations. Miki knows right where to get the best reaction as Suki cums quickly. Suki, after a bit more conversation, gets on Miki's back and lets her mouth and hands go to work. Using her fingers, and then eating her out, Suki does love the sweet nectar Miki provides. Sitting her gal up, Suki then turns on the vibrator and arouses Miki more. After she cums, Suki then goes back to the sink to pee again. With this pair, all you have to do is aim a camera their way, and they "cum" to life.

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