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Two Fur Trapper Snatch

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Description: Home from work, Kiku, on the left, and Mari, on the right are looking for some quality time to do a little "fur trapping." These SexJapanTV.com lesbians know what they like, and it doesn't end in "ock." Spicing things up, they'll use more than their fingers to play "toys for twats;" vibrators and whips will keep these girls in line. Mari starts the fun with a "pee-fect" waterfall; she splashes the bowl and watches it swirl down. Kiku's in the other room, rifling through the goodies; seems like "discipline" is her favorite game. The pair strip down, between fondles and mouthfuls of perky tits. Both must be fruitarians, only into melons. Using the hand-held camera, we get some nice boobs a bouncing and public hair that either needs a comb, or a cut. Mari's also "wearing a saddle that's gone astray;" better luck next month. Locking lips and twisting tongues, foreplay turns to persuasion in a "snap." Mari's got that bullwhip in her hands and she's definitely gonna reign in her partner. Well shit, seems like they're actually omnivores, going from appetizer to the main meal, each other's vag. The climaxes are not to be missed, as these "tongue wagers" give it their all. Things go swimmingly; you don't need your water-wings, just the cum towel to wipe up with.
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