Aimi's Good Vibrations

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  • 2:02
  • 4 years ago

Hey guys, meet Aimi for This shy looking school girl thought it would be fun to play with herself and film it for us. In her room, she chats about her University studies and how she enjoys guys that can "make me squirm." Thinking about her last boyfriend, Aimi slides down her shorts and pulls off her top, to reveal some sexy lingerie. At first, she's happy just to pulls on her nipples and "scratch her itch" through the undergarments. She then pulls out a vibrator, that's been keeping her "satisfied" since the boyfriend. Squatting down close to the camera, Aimi slips in a couple of fingers and works her clit; from the "smacking" sounds, I'd say she found her "happy place." Presenting her wet panties for inspection, she giggles at the sensations. On her naked bottom, Aimi starts the vibrator going; as it intensifies, she works the controls to "get buzzed." Passing the toy over her labial lips, she cums more than once. Twitching, Aimi knows that her toy can keep her fulfilled for now, but what she really wants is a cock to rock her world.

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