Whacking The Bush

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  • 1:17
  • 4 years ago

With an itch to scratch, we have a couple of gals that don't mind being filmed while they go to it. The first of our SexJapanTV.com sweeties is an office worker who heads to the ladies room to do some "bush whacking." She tries to go manual, but sometimes these things are best left to the electronic devices. As she works her hard clit, and "hums" away, she removes her panties and squats down for full contact. From behind you can see she is diligently, trying to "get a buzz." Finishing up, she lets her "fingers do the walking." Our second honey is at home, needing a "feminine touch." Sitting back on the couch, she begins to frolic and play "in her field." Removing her bra, she rubs her hardening nipples, then "goes south." Through her pink panties, our girl lets us have a close-up look at the action, nice nips. Rubbing her bush, she grabs a handful and begins to moan. "Round and round" she goes over her clit and tit. Pumping until she "hits oil," she cums and takes a moment to compose.

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