Can Kamori Make You Cum?

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  • 4 years ago invites you to meet Kamori, a very petite brunette with a very sexual nature; she believes in giving you what you want, without you asking. You can see, even with her bra on, she is a nice C-cup. In her matching panties, Kamori tempts you with her fur. Changing to something more "loose," she begins to fondle her large, hard nipples; she doesn't know much English, but hopefully her "okay" meets with your approval. First, the left and then the right, she blows you a kiss before showing you her "delight." Stroking back and forth, Kamori licks her digits before going back down. Removing everything, Kamori shows all she has to offer, as she moans and caresses herself. With her fingers "down there," she begins to work per pussy wet. Throwing her head back as she goes "round and round," Kamori cums easily for you. Fantasizing about how you would feel in her, she again wets and orgasms, then twitches in repose. Panting deeply, Kamori's hair blows back and forth over her flush face; she then recovers to make sure you've had a fun time as well.

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