Two Girls Show Some Kink And Pink

Some chicks are just freaks and will do anything to be filmed; I like this type of pussy. The first hottie is petite and playful, as she takes some selfies. Seeing me film, she invites me over, by spreading her legs and showing her white cotton panties. Taking off her clothes, she then stands up and puts her small hands on a pillar; at this point, I have a post she can touch. Playfully, she takes off her bra and panties, presenting a very cute ass and full bush; her nips are small, but firm. Posing, she giggles before reaching down between her legs and fucking herself; zoomed in, I can hear the smacking of her hot twat. Pulling out, she rolls her wet sticky fingers together. Done, she redresses and "works it," while she walks away. This next honey seems to be ready to go as she waves at me and starts pulling off her top before I even get over to her. No need for names, she is down to her bra and shiny white panties before I can get a good angle. As she walks, she unclasps her bra and playfully drops it; all I can focus on are those two huge nipples, damn. Then she slides her panties off and presents her fuzzy treasure box. Following her lead, she twirls around a bit and gives me a nice view of her ass before redressing. Shit, these kinky girls do have a way of getting my "full attention" as well as getting on

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