Cooking In The Kitchen, And Bedroom

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In the kitchen, a girl works on a meal, but her boyfriend wants something more to eat. When he comes in, he quickly grabs a "snatch," and munches away. This pair goes high and low to satisfy their hunger. "Eating in" the kitchen seems a bit tight; sounds like he's got a combo meal on his hands complete with a full "drink." Moving to the bed, his large cock is rock hard and ready for use. Sliding into her wet pussy, he also grabs her legs, bending her knees back for "full service." Whimpering and moaning from the sensations, she encourages her partner to thrust faster, and then twitches and orgasms all over his cock. Kissing her, he then turns her over doggie style and reenters. Clutching her hips and arms for leverage, he jackhammers hard, as her tits and ass jiggle in reciprocity. With her cumming again, he reassures her with kisses and caresses. Putting her into a missionary position, he thrusts inside of her until he blows a creampie; they definitely share some great "cooking" skills.

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