Me and My Webcam

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With her webcam going, this model begins to play. Touching herself in all the right spots, she hopes you get "tactual" as well. Once she removes her black panties, her fingers slide inside her furry pussy; she rolls her fingers over her clit. Pulling the camera closer, you can see and hear her wet lips smack together, even as she turns and gets on her knees. Grasping at her small perky tits, she pinches her nipples. Getting close, this gal presents her pink pussy fully. Finger fucking herself, she climaxes and twitches in response. A second girl puts up her webcam and shows you her "purple friend." She starts off manually, playing with her pussy while in her white panties. Palpating her fingers, she cums silently, her legs quiver. Ready for a bit more sensation, she turns on her "friend," and rolls it over her nipples, then between her thighs. Still in her panties, she uses the toy to stimulate and moisten her panties. Up on her feet, she sticks the toy up in her until she has to sit back down. Spreading her legs, she is on the edge; she orgasms and moans softly.

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