Two Nasty Girls

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  • 4 years ago

Let me translate for you, "you got the money honey, I got the time." Speaking of time, this first model is on her "time of the month." Massaging her tender boobs, she then taps at her panties, spotted with blood. Removing her dress, she pulls out her large tits and slides off her dirty underwear. With her tampon in, she rubs her clit and squeezes her nipples. Horny, she "goes" until she "cums," a few times. The second gal gets right to it; she rips her stockings and pulls back her panties. Presenting her fat pussy, she shows the pink and tears away the waist of the stockings, allowing us her "full spread." "Circling" her clit, she also goes "two deep" and cums. The smacking sound of her puffy pussy is thanks enough for you watching, and wanking.

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