Zoomed In To The Pink Palace

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  • 1:54
  • 4 years ago

SexJapanTV.com brings you so close to some pink pussy, you could taste it. These two gals are having a good time "in" themselves. The first gal has a pair of nips that could poke you and they're large enough to fill your mouth. Zooming in, she begins to explore her furry pussy; I can smell her scent now. Putting the camera down, she shows herself head to toe and then slides in a few fingers for fun. Gasping, she orgasms and smiles coyly; her wet pussy is dripping with cum. The next girl also has a big pair of nipples that she rolls in her fingers until they are hard. Sitting back, she slips her hand down her pants and "wets her fingers" for you. Pulling off her pants, she continues to "enjoy" her lady bits as her pussy swells. Standing, she leans toward the camera for a full view of her "pink palace." Cumming several times, she hopes you are as satisfied as she.

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