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Lots Of Good Vibrations

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Description: Using a small camera, this SexJapanTV.com gal's going to put on a little show for you; do hold out, there's actually three girls on this video. Playing first with her tits, she pulls down her nighty and presents her big hard nipples. Licking her fingers, she rolls her wet areolas around, and moans. But not as loudly as she does, once she turns on her toy. Spreading her legs and sharing the "electricity" down below, she dampens her panties. And for a different girl, this one's being filmed while she plays. First goes the bra, then the skirt; guess she's more "manual." Sliding a couple of fingers into her panties, it's not long before she too "toys around." "Cumming" back to play again, she maybe wearing a different outfit, but those nipples are a give-away. Wearing white panties, she doesn't bother to remove them; the vibrator works well with a bit of friction. The cameraman gives her a tweak of her nips as she enjoys all the sensations. Lying there, after, the close-up is good enough to sniff.
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