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A perky brunette with a sassy flip flips up her skirt to catch our interest, and smiles as we follow her off the sidewalk. She winks as the cameraman rubs her pert boobies , then pulls up her top and bra to give him better access. Flicking the hard little tips of her nipples, he rouses a moan or two from her and takes the next step as he reaches for the crotch of her lavender panties. She moans with excitement as she strips off her undies and opens her pussy to him. At first he just tickles the furry slit, then probes a finger into the moist channel. She grinds into his thrust and juice already flows down his hungry hand. Streams of lady cream drip down the ledge and across the pavement. Her pussy opens wide and spurts of juice splash around everywhere. She oozes a wet puddle as she groans uncontrollably with satisfaction. As the camera pulls back we see her steamy wetness covering the concrete ledge and dripping to the ground below.

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