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A horny little miss finishes her mobile call and waves sweetly as she seeks out a deserted corner of the park. Finding the top of a stone stairway she sits along a hard stone wall. The cameraman sees how horny she is and reaches right in to massage her crotch. She leans back and pants as his fingers rub her buzzing clit, then she opens her top for some titty attention. He still has a hand free to flick her nips as his fingers go to town below. Her undies are just in the way. She works them down so he can drill his fingers into her hot honeypot. Every move makes a wet slosh as he plows his fingers in and parts her bushy pubes. Pearls of juice fly out in every direction and she squirts out onto the palm of his hand. A wet cloudy puddle of love juice collects on the step below as she carefully pulls up her panties and smiles. With a grateful little waves she steps back down toward the busy park.

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